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Importing Chinese Furniture from China

Making Sensible Deals; Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Most interior designers and architects are concerned about reducing cost while upholding the quality of work. Since furniture makes up a key component of the total project expenditure, it’s crucial to optimize furniture cost without cutting corners.

In this context, Importing Furniture from China turns out to be an attractive proposition.

Acknowledged as the ‘wood workshop of the world’, China ranks as the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and exporter. The furniture industry in China is a booming business, covering 40% of a US$ 57 billion global market. The Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are the principal furniture production & sales hubs, accounting for almost 50% of the country’s furniture exports, chiefly to the US and EU markets.

Factory-produced Home and Office furniture in assorted materials is available in many styles and varieties. When furniture is bought from China, there is a sharp dip in total project cost. However, buying furniture from China is easier said than done.

The Chinese furniture production and sales landscape is huge and complex. Lack of local knowledge, language barriers and cultural disparities prevent individual designers or businesspersons from making profitable deals. Also, inadequate knowledge of trade regulations and import-export laws could result in delayed shipping, leading to cost and time overruns. Last but certainly not the least, unauthorized agents could dupe and land you in trouble.

Hence it makes sense to hire a professional sourcing and import consultant who will act in your best interests. Backed by inside knowledge of the furniture industry in China, a trusted sourcing agent will do the legwork on your behalf: find the best factories/markets/exporters, convey the desired product configurations, negotiate the best deals, do the quality inspection and handle the customs & shipping.  

Clear, precise communication with Chinese entrepreneurs and government authorities is one of the most crucial aspects for the deal to go through successfully; the sourcing agent shoulders this responsibility with ease and efficiency.

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